Welcome to Spiritual Harmonizers of Little Rock
The Spiritual Harmonizers Quartet was organized in 1955. The founding of this group came forth as the results of a sincere desire to worship God in song. The four members who originally organized themselves with this desire in mind were: Benjamin Craft Jr., Everdean Neeley (both now deceased), and James and Walter Reed. These four men worked together harmoniously and with their purpose in mind, decided to call themselves something appropriate. In the spirit and in harmony, the name, Spiritual Harmonizers was accepted and has become nationally known. The Spiritual Harmonizers Quartet sang continuously for twenty-seven years before their retirement. They continued to travel and perform as a group on occasion until they were unable to accept engagements due to death or illness. The Quartet made appearances and performed as a group for approximately 40 years. DECEASED MEMBERS: Horace Lewis ,Founder, Everdeen Neely , Edmond McGhee, Joe Dumas, Peter Hill, and Benjamin Craft Jr.